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Have you noticed a lingering, musty smell around the house? Have you started having unexplained allergies attacks at the office? Most people discover mold after it starts causing problems like these. If left untreated, mold can cause more extensive damages. It can ruin the internal structure of your home or business. Mold can even pose serious health risks, especially for children or the elderly.

If you suspect you have a mold problem, act quickly; don’t ignore it. It can take as little as 24 hours for mold growth to start to invade your home. By being proactive, you can prevent property damage, protect your health and save valuable time and money.

For any sort of mold removal or mold cleanup, give Nichols Inc. a call. We can help you identify the source of the mold, clean and sanitize the area and determine the best solutions to keep mold recurrence at bay.

Mold Remediation Services

We can assist you with any of the following.  Please note that the extent of mold remediation depends on the area affected by mold and bacteria.

  • 24 hour emergency service (1-888-210-1365)
  • Mold assessment
  • Air quality testing (limited)
  • Duct cleaning
  • Fog treatment/anti-microbial treatment
  • Waterproof sealants for masonry
  • Vapor barriers
  • Install automatic vents
  • Crawl space and attic solutions
  • Crawl and attic space insulations
  • Air scrubber (if necessary)
  • Set up containment (if necessary)
  • Encapsulation (if necessary)
  • Full reconstruction